Company Service Overview

B & M Property Management Ltd. currently manage apartment developments and commercial units. As Managing Agent (as opposed to Management Company - which consists of all owners of a particular complex) we provide the following services:

Residential Properties

Annual Budget Preparation

An annual budget can be prepared to estimate the costs of running the development and service charges are then calculated accordingly. After the first year these budget figures are based on actual expenditure for the previous financial year as well as budgeting for any major capital expenditure items. Invoices are issued for the collection of service charges on an annual basis.

Service Charges include -

1. Appointment of grounds maintenance personnel and cleaning contractors for the common areas

2. Regular visits to the development by B&M Property Managers to ensure satisfactory maintenance of common areas

3. Appointment of qualified contractors for all maintenance and repair activities in the company premises and common areas

4. Ensuring Block Insurance Policies are in place and the handling of all relevant claims

5. Issuing payments to all contractors, if required

6. Preparation of monthly statements showing all expenditure & bank reconciliation

7. Preparation and posting of annual accounts, if required

8. Attendance at meetings with Committee Members and the Annual General Meeting

9. Our Property Managers deal with breaches of House Rules by residents e.g. noise disturbances, rubbish not being deposited to appropriate bin storage area, car parking issues etc.

10. B & M Property Management provides a full 24-hour emergency maintenance service for Common Area Maintenance emergencies such as emergency repairs, and electrical or plumbing repairs

It is the responsibility of the Managing Agent to ensure that the development is managed to a level required by the residents of the development. The property manager directly responsible for the development will carry out routine inspections and report all findings on a monthly basis. Frequent spot checks by a director of B & M will also be carried out. The primary responsibility for serving a development will lie with the managing agents and all complaints or concerns will be dealt with immediately.